Conservatory / Verandas

To enjoy the full beauty of every season

Appreciate the advantages of the summer shaded from the sun, experience the winter atmosphere without freezing, enjoy the spring and autumn climate even when it rains: a conservatory is the perfect solution to extend the limit of the home since it is a kind of garden for all seasons that allows all the wellbeing of natural light to be combined with the exclusive comfort of an interior room.

Perfecting for adding a bright and welcoming new space to the home, the conservatory should also be considered as an element connecting the inside with the outside. This is why it is important that the same performance levels that characterise the rest of the residence in terms of energy efficiency, functionality, resistance to the weather and design are maintained.

The aluminium systems for Schüco's conservatory ensure the durability of the components and, thanks to the proven technical system, offer countless structural and performance advantages. In addition to all this, there is a vast range of accessories for ventilation, lighting and shading, allowing anyone to create their dream veranda.

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A great interpretation of design

Nessun limite alla libertà creativa From conservatories to outbuildings, Schüco offers numerous design interpretations with various layouts that can added inviting new places to a house.

The narrow visible sections and the wide variety of colours available allow you to create a personalised veranda, which can be combined with other systems for Schüco’s doors, windows and facades that may already be installed in the home.

Choose the opening you prefer

Sliding doors, folding sliding doors, Parallel Sliding: for a Schüco veranda, you can choose the openings you prefer, the important thing is to create a perfect connection between the external and internal environments that is always able to ensure the utmost brightness.

sliding doors veranda

Sliding doors

Parallel Sliding Verada

Parallel Sliding

Folding Sliding Veranda

Folding Sliding

An intelligent system

Energy Performance vedandaAs an extension of the home, the conservatory requires an energy performance equal to that required for windows, doors and facades, in order to ensure uniform thermal insulation, and so significant savings on electricity bills.

Even without the installation of additional components, a Schüco veranda offers high performance in terms of energy efficiency.

The large surface of the glass, in fact, absorbs and stores the heat of the sun’s rays, reducing the requirement for external heat that is usually provided through traditional heating systems.

During the hottest seasons, the risk of the veranda overheating can be avoided by the use of intelligent ventilation elements, saving costs for cooling the building.

An oasis of peace and tranquillity

Acoustic performance veranda In order to enjoy peace and tranquillity, it is vital to be able to combat noise nuisances that come from the outside.

Schüco’s opening systems used for the construction of the veranda have excellent acoustic insulation properties that transform the veranda into an oasis of peace, even close to areas with heavy traffic.

Safe as houses

Anti-burglary verandaSchüco’s security systems for its sliding fixtures comply with the strictest European regulations and are designed to offer excellent protection against attempted break-ins, from the basic version upwards.

In order not to encroach on the design of its products, Schüco incorporates the anti-burglary components directly inside the frames, or provides external elements with limited impact, ensuring the appearance is always clean and elegant.

RC1 Class

The conservatory offers unique resistance to attempts at breakage through physical strength, for example, by kicking or striking with the shoulder

RC2 Class

The conservatory resists break-in attempts with simple tools like pincers, screwdrivers or wedges

RC3 Class

The conservatory resists break-in attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar

Classe RC4

The conservatory guarantees resistance against breakage by tools such as saws, axes, battery-powered drills or similar

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