Simply Smart

The Simply Smart revolution

Flexibility of use and designed in accordance with your style – these are fundamental values in the choice of fixtures. Other vital features are the durability and unalterable nature of the materials, the reliability of the performance, the ease of use even under the most critical conditions and the comfort created within the building.
Schüco Simply Smart is the new approach to designing, processing and installing Schüco products, focused on energy efficiency and the extreme ease in assembling the components. Featuring innovative mechanisms that are positioned with a simple click, it combines the highest energy performance in a minimalist design to ensure of a speedy, precise final result without any margin of error.
In addition to guaranteeing the clean appearance of the products and their high level of flexibility, with the possibility of an angle of window opening of up to 180°, Simply Smart technology enables the weight of the fixture to be up to 250 kg as well as the implementation of new construction types to meet the current market trend that demands increasingly large, flexible glazed surfaces.

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