The importance of a wise choice

Design, comfort, security: fundamental for defining the character and style of your home, the window is also of major importance to security and the residential comfort of the surroundings in which we live.
The choice of the right window, in fact, must take into consideration not only an adequate durability of the fixture but also certain performance specifications that contribute to improving the quality of life, including thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities, air and water tightness and the degree of security against break-ins.
Manufactured to meet certain requirements, Schüco windows combine quality, design and technological innovation and make a significant contribution both to the wellbeing and security of your home and the reduction of electricity consumption. The new Schüco Simply Smart technology is the very essence of Schüco innovation, since it combines sophisticated minimalist design with the highest performance specifications.

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Enhances the style of your home

Enhances the style of your home Schüco windows skilfully interpret the new contemporary living styles and, thanks to the wide range of colours available – including wood-effect finish – they enable the fixture to fit in perfectly with the architectural identity of your home.

Choose the most suitable frame for you

Choose the most suitable frame for you Minimal, classic, retro, futuristic: whatever your style, you will certainly find the right frame to enhance your living space.

Moreover, the possibilities offered by Schüco of incorporating the hinges and security mechanisms inside the frames not only enable the look of the fixture to be enhanced but also the level of protection to be increased, making the anti-burglary systems very difficult to identify and breach.

All Schüco’s products can be adapted to every requirement, from the minimum laid down by the law to the highest performance levels that can currently be attained.

Free space for your ideas

Free space for your ideasSchüco windows can be highly personalised and are made to measure without any restrictions on creativity. The infinite design possibilities of aluminium, in fact, enable glazed openings to be created in the widest variety of shapes and sizes, without prejudicing stability and durability.

The right opening for every room

The method of opening a window’s shutter plays an important role in the architectural construction of the house, but it is not only an aesthetic factor: the choice of opening can change the performance and maintenance methods.

Single wing

Simple wing

Simple wing
Recommended for glass panels of large sizes with bases of up to 1.7 meters

Tilt and turn

Tilt and turn
The tilt function enables the house to be ventilated without opening the windows wide

Hinged transom window

Hinged transom window

Recommended for very large, low glass panels when tilt opening is sufficient

Horizontal pivot shutter

Horizontal pivot shutter

Perfect for very large, all-glass windows, facilitates cleaning of the outer surface

Double wings

Simple double wings

Simple double wings
Recommended for wide glass panels and ensures excellent flexibility

Tilt and tilt/turn

Tilt and tilt/turn
Combines the advantages of simple tilt with those of tilt/turn

French window

French window

Combines the functions of a door with the performance of a tilt/turn window. Recommended for access to terraces and balconies that are very exposed to bad weather

PASK sliding fixtures

PASK sliding fixtures

The best solution to fully exploit the interior space of the home.

When performance depends on the window

When performance depends on the window As the part most in contact with the outside, windows play a fundamental role in the energy efficiency of the home. In addition to air and water tightness, they must ensure high-level performance in terms of thermal insulation, thereby enabling a significant saving on bills for the heating and air conditioning of the building.

For real energy savings, Schüco’s offers various products that can be adjusted to every requirement, from the minimum laid down by the law to the highest performance levels that can currently be attained.

A guarantee of wellbeing

A guarantee of wellbeing Noise is currently one of the major causes of stress, anxiety and is detrimental to health. Good acoustic insulation ability enables the quality of sleep, activities and life in general to be improved, especially in the urban centres or in areas with a lot of traffic.

Thanks to their sound insulation properties (up to 49 dB), Schüco’s aluminium windows enable the abatement of any noise nuisance and the restoration of the silence and tranquillity of your home, wherever it may be.

Sweet dreams!

Sweet dreams!A constant growth in burglaries of homes by criminals is reported in the daily news. The weakest and most accessible points of a home are usually the doors and the windows, often entered illegally with sophisticated, silent tools.

To tackle these problems, Schüco designs fixtures furnished with adjustable anti-burglary components that comply with the strictest European regulations. Starting with the standard versions, Schüco’s products offer a high level of protection through anti-burglary mechanisms incorporated in the frames, which keep the appearance of the window unchanged, at the same time ensuring exceptional security.

RC1 Class

The window offers unique resistance to attempts at breakage through physical strength, for example, by kicking or striking with the shoulder

RC2 Class

The window resists break-in attempts with simple tools like pincers, screwdrivers or wedges

RC3 Class

The window resists break-in attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar

RC4 Class

The window guarantees resistance against breakage by tools such as saws, axes, battery-powered drills or similar

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