Your security is our priority

The statistics show a constant growth in burglaries of homes by criminals. The weakest and most accessible points of a home are usually the doors and the windows, often entered illegally with sophisticated, silent tools.

It is in the interest of everyone to protect the safety of the home and the family, which is why Schüco products meet these requirements, without sacrificing design and residential comfort.

Thanks to the solid aluminium frames, Schüco offers a high level of protection for all its products from the standard versions upwards, with the possibility of increasing and personalising the degree of protection against break-ins with sophisticated bulletproof and anti-burglary systems.

RC1 Class The window offers unique resistance to attempts at breakage through physical strength, for example, by kicking or striking with the shoulder
RC2 Class The window resists break-in attempts with simple tools like pincers, screwdrivers or wedges
RC3 Class The window resists break-in attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar
RC4 Class The window guarantees resistance against breakage by tools such as saws, axes, battery-powered drills or similar
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