Quality control

Every phase of the production process is fundamental in obtaining a quality finished product with a high performance level. This is why we carry out careful checks on all the incoming materials, from the aluminium frames to the polyamide insulating bars, from the structural accessories to the glazing gasket.

RZ serramenti Controllo qualità processo produttivo

Cutting and assembly

We process all the aluminium frames to order and pair them with insulating bars to obtain the thermal insulation specifications of the profile system. After checking each individual bar, we cut and process each individual piece, using automatic CNC machines, to make up your new fixture. The various components of the fixture are then assembled using a specific method engineered by Schüco, alongside the artisan workmanship that is the fruit of our experience and skills, resulting in the perfect finished product. Finally, we equip the fixture with all handling accessories that will transform it into a beautiful designer window, safe against burglary and efficient over time.

RZ serramenti taglio e assemblaggio

Installation and testing

Once made, the new fixture needs only to be installed. Installation of the finished product is a very delicate phase upon which its correct functioning will depend, for this reason it is very important to perform the installation without making mistakes. Furthermore, installation must be based on a personalised technical examination in advance, rooted in the original survey and never improvised. We at RZ entrust the execution of this operation to specialist in-house personnel, who undertake the same training programme as those who make the fixtures. In this way, every phase of the manufacturing process contributes to the excellence of the finished product. At the end of the installation, we carry out general testing to check there are no defects and your new window functions fully.

RZ serramenti Installazione e collaudo
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