Ventilation systems for the wellbeing of the home

Modern construction techniques and the perfect seal of the most modern fixtures make the exterior of the building practically hermetically-sealed with increasingly high levels of energy efficiency. In order to obtain optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, however, the natural ventilation of the room was eliminated, with a consequent reduction in air quality. It is therefore necessary to provide a mechanical ventilation system that allows the continuous, controlled exchange of air in all rooms in order to protect the health of the people while responding, at the same time, to energy demands.

Schüco VentoTherm ventilation devices integrated in the windows are a highly efficient system for decentralised ventilation with heat recovery. With VentoTherm, stale air from inside the building passes through a recovery device that, before transferring it outside, absorbs its heat. At the same time, the cold air from outside the building, passing through the same device, it filtered and preheated with the heat recovered from the air expelled from the interior, thereby obtaining the maximum energy efficiency and high residential comfort.

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