Sliding doors

Boundless brightness

Perfect for large glazed openings, Schüco sliding doors are real designer accessories, perfect to give greater space and brightness to your home and enable a continuous dialogue between the interior and exterior environments.
Schüco’s sliding systems are all enclosed in the very thin frames that make it possible to create large sliding glass doors that ensure the maximum transparency, on one hand, and guarantee high thermal insulation on the other.
Available in numerous types, Schüco’s sliding doors have a linear, sophisticated look, perfect seal when closed and are easy to handle with extremely rapid and silent sliding mechanisms, ensuring exceptional residential comfort.

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No limit to creative freedom

No limit to creative freedom Thin, elegant and completely customisable, Schüco’s sliding doors leave plenty of space for design creativity. Available in numerous colours, the surfaces of the frames can meet the most varied individual requirements and may be combined, inside and outside, with various colour schemes.

Thin lines for maximum transparency

Designed to present the minimum visual obstruction and encompass the entirety of the external panorama, Schüco’s aluminium sliding doors have streamlined cross-sections and are available in numerous types.

The possibility of coordinating the lines of the frames and the handles with the rest of the fixtures of the house enable the look of the room to be uniform with fixtures perfectly in line with your personal style.

Grandi vetrate che durano nel tempo Grandi vetrate che durano nel tempo Grandi vetrate che durano nel tempo

Large glazed panels that last

Large glazed panels that lastSliding systems are the perfect choice for large glazed surfaces because they make opening and moving even very large doors easy.

Made to order, Schüco’s aluminium sliding doors extend the architectural opportunities and the flexibility of the material allows the creation of transparent opening that can reach up to 3m x 3m without prejudicing their stability and durability.

A space-saving solution

Schüco’s sliding windows are even more innovative since they are available with various types of opening methods

Sliding doors

Sliding doors
Schüco’s sliding doors slide silently from one place to another on guides in stainless steel, without occupying additional space inside the room

Sliding and lifting

Sliding and lifting
These systems involve lifting of the window before sliding. In addition to the typical functions of sliding fixtures, they enable particularly good air and water tightness.

Parallel sliding

Parallel sliding
This combines the advantages of the sliding system with the performance of the tilt and turn windows

Folding sliding doors

Folding sliding doors
The system makes the movement of the battens fluid and silent, offering the option of replacing entire walls and creating large open spaces

Maximum transparency, minimum dispersal of heat

Maximum transparency, minimum dispersal of heat Maximum transparency, minimum dispersal of heat Although the glass is particularly important, especially in the case of a sliding fixture, the frame and central mounting of the fixture also make a remarkable contribution in terms of energy efficiency.

Thanks to thermal insulation and high quality seals, Schüco’s sliding fixtures ensure excellent levels of thermal insulation, controlling with the utmost care the energy exchange between the inside and outside.

Complete convenience at a single touch

Complete convenience at a single touch To easily move sliding fixtures, Schüco provides the option of integrating Schüco’s retractable e-slide motorized system in its sliding fixtures.

Thanks to the e-slide technology, it is possible to open, close and lock the doors giving access to the balcony, the veranda or the terrace at the touch of a finger.

The automatic operating system does not require any change of the cross-section and is available for sliding and sliding and lifting systems.

Protect against break-ins

Protect against break-insSchüco’s security systems for its sliding fixtures comply with the strictest European regulations and are designed to offer excellent protection against attempted break-ins, from the basic version upwards.

In order not to encroach on the design of its products, Schüco incorporates the anti-burglary components directly inside the frames, or provides external elements with limited visual impact, ensuring the appearance is always clean and elegant.

RC1 Class

Sliding doors offer unique resistance to attempts at breakage through physical strength, for example, by kicking or striking with the shoulder

RC2 Class

Sliding doors resist break-in attempts with simple tools like pincers, screwdrivers or wedges

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